Thursday, December 7, 2023

    Pro-Palestinian protest in Copenhagen grown enormously in size (video)

    The Copenhagen Post wrote on October 19th that around 1250 people was attending the pro-Palestinian protest in Copenhagen. Now three days later, the protests opposed to Israel’s war against the Gaza Strip has grown enormously in size.

    The drone video footage below found on X by @streetactioncph was probably recorded Sunday on October 22th by a Copenhagen-based activist group called Street Action.

    It shows a very long column of people walking peaceful through the Copenhagen streets. And here is one video of the protest from street level.

    The two large media outlets in Denmark, TV2 and DR, are silent. Nothing to find about these protests on their online platforms. But the protests are everywhere, both in the Western world and in the Arab world.

    It is clear that people are sick and tired of this conflict. it is almost a repetition of the worldwide protests against the Iraq war in 2003. At that time 36 million people took to the streets all over the world.

    5.9 million Palestinian refugees

    Today there are 5.9 million Palestinian refugees who need help from the United Nations. That is the same amount as Denmark’s total population of 5,857 million citizens. Around 1,5 million Palestinian refugees still lives displaced in the area around the Gaza-strip distributed on 58 UN refugee camps.

    This is an untenable situation, not only for the Palestinians, but for the whole area and surrounding countries that suffer from it. The world in general is affected by the tense situation in the Middle East. We are all affected by it in one way or another.

    Saudi Arabia normalization talks with Israel

    Saudi Arabia and some Arab leaders was otherwise preparing for talks with Israel on a normalization of relations between their countries. A U.S.-brokered normalization agreement could give Riyadh access to more advanced weaponry from U.S.

    In return, Riyadh should improve relations with Israel and perhaps resolve the conflict between Israel and Hamas. So everything looked very good. Despite a possible peace between Israel and Hamas is based on an extremely fragile foundation, they were ready to talk.

    The arrow was pointing in the right direction up through September 2023 but when something happens on the morning of October 7th 2023.

    Hamas launches a large-scale attack into Israel

    Hamas launches a large-scale attack and fires around 5,000 rockets into Israel. While this happens, around 2.500 Hamas fighters break through the Gaza–Israel barrier and invade Israel’s Southern territory. Both some residential areas and a music festival are attacked by Hamas fighters which kill around 1.400 civilians and take 233 Israeli and foreign hostages.

    And you know the story from there – Israel starts bombing the sorry remains of Gaza and triggers a humanitarian disaster for the Palestinians, again. And Israel probably grabs some more land, again. And here we are, again…

    It is difficult to see a tolerable way out for both parties since they are each digging a bigger and bigger hole for themselves. But these days the Palestinian people, and partly Hamas, seem to have great support from around the world. Mainly from the Palestinians themselves that lives abroad but also from ordinary citizens around the world.

    I do not support either side

    I do not support either side in the armed conflict between Israel and Hamas. I support all those who simply want to live peacefully. As a spectator, I can only condemn the killings of innocent civilians on both sides.


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