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    Age and gender UFO interest statistics from 5343 followers

    I have some age and gender UFO interest statistics based on 5343 followers on my Facebook page UFO photos. It shows that men are much more interested in this strange phenomenon than women are. There is a big difference between the two gender groups broken down by age in the graph below. 5343 Facebook page followers have shown interest in UFOs, 4472 are men and 871 are women.

    Age and gender UFO interest statistics

    According to the overall statistics in the graph above, the 4472 men and 871 women means that for every five men there are one woman searching for the UFO/UAP issue on Facebook.

    Women in their 45-54s are most likely to fall into an interest for the topic more than women in the other age groups. Men in their 45-54s goes with around 23% interest in the phenomenon while women in the same age group goes with around 4%. It means that for every six men there are one woman interested in UFOs in that particular age group.

    Realistic picture of natural gender distribution?

    I have no Ads promoting my page so my followers must have found the page by the posts I have shared, by search and by being recommended by others. But does that produce a realistic picture of a natural gender distribution?

    I have no influence on who actually sees my posts in the news feeds? I am not into the Facebook algorithms that decides whos gonna see it. I cannot know whether Facebook distributes equally between the genders. It could be that Facebook distributes more men than women to my page?

    The only information I have from Facebook, is, that the values in the graph above are based on the total number of followers of my page.

    Image credit: Lukas, Graph by BRJO


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