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    Stabbing incident in Rio de Janeiro not related to Taylor Swift concert

    A Taylor Swift fan, Gabriel Milhomem Santos, man 25, was killed in a stabbing incident in Rio de Janeiro hours before he probably should have attended the popular singers Eras Tour show. The murder is a separate incident not related to the Taylor Swift concert.

    He was a random victim of random violence and not in any way related to the presence of Taylor Swift in the city. The story only reveals some of the violence in Rio de Janeiro.

    Taylor Swift fan stabbed to death on Copacabana beach

    There are misleading statements from various sources that apparently disagree about whether the stabbing death happened before or after the concert. But the core story is, that, Gabriel was stabbed to death by three men while sleeping on the Copacabana beach with two of his cousins in the early hours of Sunday, November 19, 2023.

    Taylor Swift Eras Tour dates Brazil

    According to the Taylor Swift tour webpage (see screenshot above), the concert was held Sunday on November 19th 2023 many hours after this terrible crime. So Gabriel was stabbed to death in the early morning and the concert was held in the evening.

    Read story in Mirror


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