Friday, May 24, 2024

    UFO filmed above LaGuardia Airport New York by aircraft passenger

    The UFO was filmed above LaGuardia Airport New York by Michelle Reyes while she was flying. It was first aired by NewsNation April 25, 2024. The unknown object seen buzzing by close to the aircraft was caught on 5 frames. Michelle Reyes reported it to the FAA because of safety concerns but they have not responded yet. Is this object some kind of government drone technology breaking the rules in air traffic corridors? Maybe a Weather balloon? Or maybe a real alien spacecraft?

    Zoom of the LaGuardia Airport UFO

    I made a zoom of the LaGuardia Airport UFO in Photoshop and put some arrows pointing on some details on this vessel. Notice the three dark areas at the bottom and the two supposed white orbs that seems to be docked outside the UFO.

    LaGuardia Airport UFO zoomed image

    The LaGuardia Airport UFO was probably not moving much when the passenger aircraft passed by. It is difficult to estimate the distance to the object but it appears to be at about the same altitude as the plane.

    If the pilots knew it was there, they would have made a turn or moved down or up to another altitude to prevent a possible collision. But I suppose they had not seen it or was not alerted about the object in their airspace by some air traffic control tower.

    More about unidentified flying objects see this compilation of pictures from Denmark


    NewsNation link
    UFO video link

    Image credit: Michelle Reyes


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