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    New cardiac arrest at Copenhagen stadium Parken

    New cardiac arrest at the Copenhagen stadium Parken on November 8, 2023. The director of FC Copenhagen Jacob Lauesen tells in an article by that the Super League is now discussing whether permanent stadium doctors should be introduced.

    During the Champions League match between FC Copenhagen and Manchester United, a spectator collapsed and received life-saving first aid while the game was interrupted. It is far from the first time and it causes concern Jacob Lausen tells.

    Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest

    -I don’t know the statistics for how often this happens, but since Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest during the EM on June 12, 2021, we are in a situation where it is the third time that life-saving first aid is given during a match. I agree that we are a place that has a million visitors a year, but we also think that the frequency is very, very high, Jacob Lausen tells.

    Christian Eriksen survived with life-saving first aid and today plays with a pacemaker. Medical experts have examined him extensively and have reportedly found the explanation for why he collapsed on the field with cardiac arrest in the football match between Denmark and Finland?

    • Denmark’s Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest link

    But for some unknown reason, the Danish national team star does not want to share the information with the public. Medical conditions can of course be very personal and there can be various reasons why the football star remains silent.

    The spectator survived

    Fortunately, the spectator at the Copenhagen stadium Parken survived but not all are equally lucky. These stories about people collapsing and dying suddenly have become frequent in the news. Even the director of FC Copenhagen Jacob Lauesen thinks it happens very frequent.

    And no, I don´t have a list but with my 54 years I know this is something new that have not been there before. There are many cases with heart problems that started out a couple of years ago after the Covid-19 pandemic. People are not only dying suddenly, they are also having severe heart conditions that force them to stop their sports career.

    Heart problems ends their sports career

    The Danish bicycle rider Jonas Vingegaard’s teammate, the Belgian bicycle rider Nathan van Hooydonck, became ill while driving a car and had a collision with 5 other cars. He had to be resuscitated at the scene, survived and had a pacemaker implanted. He is ending his sports career with immediate notice.

    Then there was Jarno Mobach who also had to stop his career as a bicycle rider due to heart problems. Sonny Colbrelli, who won the seniors’ Paris Roubaix in 2021, also had to let his sports career end prematurely. He too was struggling with heart problems. And this is only within cycling sports!

    • Nathan van Hooydonck forced to retire due to heart problems link
    • Sonny Colbrelli set to retire after cardiac arrhythmia ends hope of a comeback link
    • Former junior Paris-Roubaix champion Jarno Mobach retires with cardiac arrhyhmias link

    Stories of sudden deaths fill the news

    Besides the heart problems people also dies suddenly these days. It is all in the news. If it’s because the news media has started covering such stories more than before, I don’t know. With the internet and social medias we are more exposed to information and news stuff than ever before.

    The information frequency is high. A man in China goes broke and we all know. A polar bear on the north pole dies and we all know. But the stories of cardiac arrest and sudden deaths was not in the news so much before. It started up a couple of years ago.

    Maybe these sudden deaths caused by cardiac arrest have been there all along? And as something new, the focus is now being put on them by people who may want to show a possible link between Covid-19 vaccines and sudden death?

    Or is there really something to the conversation, that it is true that people die suddenly to a greater extent now than before?

    Try Google these keywords and see for your self:

    • “boy dies suddenly”
    • “girl dies suddenly”
    • “man dies suddenly”
    • “woman dies suddenly”

    Permanent stadium doctors

    So, with all these cases with cardiac arrest and sudden deaths in mind, I think that permanent stadium doctors would be a very good idea. In fact, it would be better if everyone knew first aid. People should be prepared for what might awaits them.

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